The medieval city of Fougères NOW in Minecraft!

Fougères is a well-know medieval city situated in Brittany, France, at only 30 minutes from the Mont Saint Michel. Many visitors enjoy its huge castle, the city walls, several medieval churches and pretty timber-framed houses.

150 students from the Jeanne d’Arc-Lasalle secondary school built the city back in 1450 with … Minecraft:Education Edition! A specific resource pack has been designed based on the Conquest pack.

The Minecraft world files are now available in 3 different versions:

  • Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition👉 download here! Some NPC features are not available in this version (url links don’t work in the NPCs dialogs).
  • Minecraft:Education Edition👉 download here!
  • Minecraft Java 1.8 👉 download here!

You can download the resource pack for the Java version here 👉 download

All buildings are based on historical documents provided by Fougères Heritage department.

You can discover the current city with this awesome drone footage:

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